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About Hannah

Based in Washington D.C., I work up and down the east coast in Virginia, Maryland, and New York. My work and volunteering has also taken me across the country and abroad to Paris, Budapest, Berlin, Lima, and the Dominican Republic. I have experience shooting traditional religious ceremonies for a number of faiths including, but not limited to: Roman Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Punjabi and Sikh, Persian, Jewish, and Inter-faith (as well as one Phish-enthusiast couple). I like to keep things light and have a sense of humor throughout the day. Exposure to such a wide range of weddings has shown me the importance of flexibility and a good attitude.

What I love most about working weddings and large events is the challenge of light—chasing it, bending it, creating it. Making environments, regardless of the conditions, look as beautiful as possible. Dark chapel? No problem. Rain? No problem. Zombies? *shot gun noise.*

Here is a little bit more to get to know me personally as you look for someone to work with! Thank you for visiting my site, if any of the images or style speak to you please get in touch!


I studied Fine Art Photography with William Wylie at the University of Virginia and graduated in 2015. I did my thesis on gas stations working with a twin-reflex Mamiya c330 medium format film camera. I’m most influenced by the art of contemporary photographers: Larry Sultan, Alec Soth, Elinor Carucci, Mark Mahaney, Heather Cromartie, Gregory Crewdson, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Carrie Mae Weems.

In addition to weddings and working full time at a magazine, I’m also an artist in residence at KUZEH Pottery in Brookland D.C. I work at the studio doing ceramics and supplying product photography. Lisa and Pega are incredible artists and people who I look up to and am constantly learning from.

After graduated, I went to the western border of Ukraine and Hungary with K Brown working with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and Hungarian Baptist Aid. We went in both the summer and winter to urban and rural areas, specifically providing medical care to the Roma (Gypsy) populations living in camps. I helped in the pharmacy and as a back up photographer.


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I’m happiest by the water. I rowed through college and then spent a summer in Iowa writing poetry by Lake MacBride. Now I hitch rides to the shore with my friend Alex whose family lives in Delaware, and we all go crabbing in the summer.